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Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Our software supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7
and Windows Vista.

Windows may show a message that the software is unidentified.
You can choose "Allow. I trust this program." We use a 
trusted installer, and this message is expected:

Some messages may appear once and can safely be ignored.
If these messages repeat, it may be due to new Windows 
security enhancements that require you to have administrator
access. A simple way to add this access is to right-click
on the Vocal-Remover icon, choose Properties, then 
choose the Compatibility tab, then click the box to
"Run this program as Administrator" in the Privelege
Level section at the bottom of the window. You may need to
make this change only temporarily the first time you run
the software. To avoid having to use your administrator
password each time you run the software, uncheck this

If the software does not launch the first time you start it,
make sure first of all that your system default sound device
is set to one that the software can work with, which probably
means your inbuilt sound device.
Click Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound
then on the "Recording" tab, choose a "working" device offered
by your inbuilt sound device. Click the "Playback" tab and 
choose "Speakers" for your inbuilt sound device. Try launching
the software again. If this works, go to the Audio I/O tab of
Preferences and explicitly choose the same devices you just
chose in the Control Panel. 

If the software still won't launch, it may installed in
compatibility mode for Windows 95, and this may cause
problems or error messages, or cause a crash when launching.
If so, first try disabling compatibility mode, and if any problems
persist, run the software in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

To change compatibility modes, right-click over the 
Vocal Remover icon, then click Properties, then click the
Compatibility tab.

In Windows 7 & Vista, recording sources such as microphone,
line-in and stereo mix are no longer treated as sources belonging
to one device as they always were in previous Windows versions,
but as individual recording "devices" in their own right. As a result,
the Mixer Toolbar dropdown selector will be permanently
greyed out and you cannot choose recording sources there.
Instead, input sources are chosen in the Audio I/O tab of the 
Vocal Remover Preferences, in the "Recording Device" dropdown.
The input volume however is still adjusted using the input volume
slider (by the microphone symbol) in the Mixer Toolbar. (Either
the speaker on the lower right corner of your screen or sometimes
you must use the Sound item in the Windows Control Panel.) 
The inputs will be shown in the Audio I/O tab as an appropriate
source for each physical device. So if you have more than one
physical device (e.g. inbuilt sound and an external USB soundcard),
you may have more than one line-in or microphone source to
choose from.
- Line-In: Realtek High Definition Device
- Microphone: Realtek High Definition Device
- Line-In: USB Audio
- Stereo Mix: USB Audio

Note that the "Recording Device" dropdown can only show devices
that are enabled in the Windows Control Panel. If the input you require
is not listed in the dropdown, or is not apparently recording properly,
try going to the Windows Control Panel to enable and select it. To do
this, right-click over the speaker icon in the System Tray > Recording
Devices. Or click Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound
(if you're using "Classic View" there's a direct link to "Sound" in the
Control Panel), then click on the "Recording" tab.

Additional help installing the software can be found here.

Additional support can be found here: Software Support

If we still have not answered your question, you can
contact us here.

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