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Effects menu items are greyed out

The "invert" option from the "effects" menu may
appear to be greyed out so you are unable to
choose that option. You may also have this
issue with other effects in the menu.

If you had just been playing or pausing a portion
The "effects" menu will be greyed out until you
have pressed the stop button.

Please make sure you are following the instructions
carefully. It is also possible that you may have missed
the following step in the instructions:

"Select the entire lower track (the right channel)
by clicking in the area around the mute/solo buttons."

You can also select the entire lower track by
clicking and dragging across the entire lower track.

Make sure you select the entire lower track only.
Do not select both tracks!

The instructions for removing vocals can be found at:

If you are still having a problem, close down the
Vocal Remover software and start it up again. Follow
the instructions carefully, even if you did everything
correctly the first time.

You will probably find that this time the invert menu
will not be greyed out; you will be able to select it.

Additional help installing the software can be found here.

Additional support can be found here: Software Support

If we still have not answered your question, you can
contact us here.

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