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-My CD was damaged, how do I get a replacement?

When was my order shipped or when will it arrive?
-Did you receive my paypal payment?
-I have not yet received my order, what happened?
-What is the tracking number of my shipment?

How to pay
-How do I pay for my order?
-How much will it cost to ship the CD?
-What methods of payment do you accept?
-What is the address to to mail my money order to?
-Do you accept personal checks?
-How much will it cost to ship to the U.S. or Canada or International?

Uses of the software
-Does the software also remove guitar or another musical instrument?
-Can the software be used to make accompaniment music?
-Will the software make backing tracks?
-Is it possible to make instrumentals with the vocal remover software?
-Will the vocal remover software make music without lyrics?
-Can vocals be removed from Christian music to make accompaniment?

-Is there a limit to the number of songs vocals can be removed from?
-I am unable to download my product.
-I did not receive my download link.
-I did not receive my download email.
-My download is taking too long.
-My download is not working.
-I have other questions about my downloaded software.

-Windows: How do I install the software?
-Mac OS: How do I install the software?
-Mac OS Message regaing unidentified developer
-I am having issues with or have questions about Windows
-The recording source or input options are grayed out

Removing Vocals
-WONDERMAGIC VOCAL REMOVER missing from the Effects list
-Disk Full Error when exporting music
-How does it work? Isn't it impossible to remove vocals from CDs or MP3s?
-Can I use this product an unlimited number of times?
-Will my original CD or MP3 be harmed or permanently changed?

-How do I remove vocals from music?
-I am unable to load music from a CD into the vocal remover.

-I am unable to load music from iTunes or Windows Media Player into the vocal remover.
-How do I export music into MP3 format?
-I hear an echo remaining in my music.
-An instrument or sound (guitar, piano, bass) was removed with the vocal.
-My music is playing too fast.
-My music sounds distorted.
-The vocals are not being removed.
- How do I display lyrics with the music?
-After removing the vocals, there is no sound.
-I am unable to choose "Invert" from the Effects menu, it is grayed out
-How do I record my voice along with the music?

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