Displaying lyrics with the music

These instructions explain how to create a standard
music-format CD of your song with the vocals removed
that can play in any CD player or in karaoke machines.

To display lyrics In iTunes, simply select a song in your
music library, then choose FILE / GET INFO, then and
choose the Lyrics tab. You can paste in lyrics found by
doing a google search, from the artist's website, or listen
to the song and type them in yourself.

Lyrics are then automatically synched from iTunes to your
iPod, iPhone, or iPad!

When you're listening to the music, you can view lyrics as your
songs play by choose FILE / GET INFO, or pressing Command-I.

You'll find many apps in the Apple app store for your iPod, iPhone, iPad,
and MAC using the keyword: lyrics

For other great ways to display lyrics, we suggest you download:

Other software that provides lyrics:
iTSfv http://itsfv.sourceforge.net
SoundCrank http://soundcrank.com
GimmeSomeTune http://eternalstorms.at/gimmesometune/index.html
DeskTopLyrics http://corecode.at/desktoplyrics
Harmonic http://mindquirk.com/apps/harmonic

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Saving your music to a CD

BONUS FEATURES: Change volume, pitch, tempo

More effects: Adding Echo, Fading In or Out, Enhancing Bass, Noise Removal

Recording voice along with the music


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